2019 Holiday Sales Predictions up 4.5 – 5%

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SJM Radio’s holiday rental special on quality two-way radios can maximize communication and help control costs. 

As the holiday season ramps up, retail malls are adding staff, increasing security and developing strategies to accommodate everything from seasonal programs and attractions to special sales and major events like Black Friday. CNBC reports some sales predictions are even higher despite “unprecedented uncertainty…the best course of action is one of strong cost control and flawless execution.” SJM Radio can help ensure that your communication system will be up to the job and perform flawlessly during this peak period of demand and expanded coverage needs.

Holiday Rental Special

SJM Radio has a holiday rental special on top quality Motorola two-way radios—only $45 per radio for the entire holiday season. Yep! SJM Radio will supplement your radio fleet from Black Friday – January 3, 2020 with Motorola digital radios that provide reliable and affordable communications during your expanded holiday operations. Even if your fleet is a different brand or model, in most cases, SJM can program the rental radios to work seamlessly with radios you already have.


At this price every team member that needs to be in the communication loop can have a quality Motorola digital radio on them at all times and that just makes sense. Because when unexpected situations arise, communication is critical and dispatching the closest staff means a faster response. Instant, reliable communication identifies the situation earlier, reduces response time and helps maintain a better overall customer experience.


SJM Radio’s Holiday Rental Special is on our Motorola cp 200 radios. The cp200 has a slim profile, is easy to use and ensures reliable instant communication. They are a “go to” communication tool in retail with features that support your holiday team and help provide a quality experience for your clients and their customers. Supplies are limited, so call SJM Radio and reserve your Holiday Rental Special radios today.


Motorola cp200 features

·         Small, lightweight, rugged

·         Up to 16 separate channels

·         Maximizes transmission capacity and manages communication traffic

·         Designated channels for each talk group

·         Voice operated transmit (VOX) give you hands free operation

·         Accessory port for headsets or earpieces


Depending on your existing system and radio models, some venues require a more advanced radio model like the Motorola XPR 7550 and while we can’t rent these radios at the promo price we’ll give you a great quote. (Offer subject to availability and number of radios rented)


Motorola XPR7550

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • GPS locator
  • Connect your Bluetooth earpiece directly to your radio
  • Integrated voice and data allows you to add a user remotely via cell phone
  • 32-1000 channels of crystal clear, instant communication
  • call interrupt overrides all other transmissions in the event of an emergency
  • Work ticket feature allows you to send work orders to various departments and track through completion.


Is your current system up to the job?

Everything from expanded coverage needs, to increased radio traffic can leave your clients vulnerable to unexpected communications problems. If an incident occurs in an area that’s only being utilized during the holiday you could find yourself in a dead zone. That means increased response times and an inability to contact the appropriate departments to address the situation.


Communications challenges are a part of operating a retail mall and during the holiday season those challenges increase exponentially. Reliable communication is paramount and making that a priority during the holidays will alleviate the unnecessary stress of not being able to communicate with your staff.


If you are currently experiencing dead spots, or if you are using areas during the holidays that are normally unused, SJM Radio can survey your site and give you a free consultation on how to maximize coverage using a MOTOTRBO system of repeaters and amplifiers. We can design a new system or augment your existing system to make sure every transmission comes through crystal clear no matter the location.


One last thought, when it comes to budgets at the end of the year, it’s better to use it than lose it…especially when an investment in a stronger communications infrastructure for the holiday season carries over into the New Year and beyond. Sort of like a gift that keeps on giving.


Whether you want to rent or buy your radios for the holiday retail season, call SJM Radios and speak to one of our communications specialists today.


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