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Memorable events need reliable communication

Accessories | 0 comments | by Vanessa Chavez

Have you ever had a dream where everything goes wrong at work and you can’t do anything to fix it? You wake up in a panic, heart pounding and then realize, phew! Just a bad dream, or was it? Mwahahahahaha!  Cue the scary music.

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Motorola XPR 7550e: Total Connectivity For Skilled Professionals

Portable Radio Models | 0 comments | by sjmradio

The XPR 7000e Series radios connect you completely to make seamless voice and data an everyday reality. Bluetooth lets you talk and work freely without wires in the way. Bluetooth data enables you to send real-time information back to the office immediately. Integrated GPS tracks mobile workers and assets and text messaging simplifies communication when voice isn’t feasible. With integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, amped-up audio, double the energy efficiency, a water-tight body and intuitive accessories, the XPR 7000e Series has everything you need to excel.

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