The well-accessorized two-way radio:

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Surveillance kits, speaker mics, holsters, and batteries get the best out of your two-way radios

When I hear the word accessory, I think about something that enhances whatever it is I’m buying but isn’t really necessary. When it comes to two-way radios having the right accessory is critical—like having the right tool for the job. SJM Radio is an Authorized Motorola dealer and we carry a full line of Motorola accessories. Accessories are an important part of your communications plan. They help you get the most from your radios and maximize your ability to instantly communicate important information to your team.


Lets start with the basics — power. Radios need power to operate and when your operation involves multiple shifts radios for each of those shifts are required. With extra batteries at the end of a shift, you just swap out the dead battery for a hot (charged) battery and your radios are ready to go back to work. We recommend that clients have 30% more batteries than radios. So, if you have 20 radios with batteries in your fleet, you should also have another 6 or 7 reserve batteries. That way there’s no waiting for a battery to re-charge because you’ll always have a supply of fully charged batteries on hand and radios won’t go down because of a dead battery.


To maintain those batteries you’ll need chargers. We carry both individual charging stations for single radios as well as gang chargers that can accommodate 6 batteries at a time. Individual charges may be right in some situations, but using gang chargers means having a central location for your radios and that helps track and manage your radios and spare batteries. When you have a designated radio charging area you won’t have to track down missing radios, you’ll know immediately when a radio is missing and who checked it out last.


Consider keeping a couple of back up radios in your fleet. That way if for any reason a radio goes missing or needs service you already have the replacement on hand. No unexpected down time or gaps in communication.


Since we mentioned service, don’t forget that SJM Radio is an authorized Motorola dealer and service provider. Our expert technicians provide fast, reliable, high quality service using only Motorola parts.

Audio accessories for two-way radios are always in demand and it’s not surprising. Two-wire surveillance kits, speaker mics, traditional headsets, and noise canceling headphones ensure every transmission can be heard clearly no matter how challenging the environment.

Two-wire surveillance kits are our most requested audio accessory because they can be used in a variety of situations and environments. Two-wire surveillance kits are the standard for discreet communication in a secure setting or where radio chatter could disrupt an event or meeting. They’re small, lightweight and effective. These kits also make sense when business or formal attire is required. The radio can be clipped to a belt or carried in a holster while the earpiece and microphone wires can be threaded through and masked by your clothing. Most people won’t notice that you are on radio, and you’ll never miss a transmission.


Speaker mics are a staple for staff that is on the go. Workers like technicians, service staff, transportation, maintenance, housekeeping, staff for meetings and events, any job where you are active and need a mostly hands free radio. The speaker mic can be clipped on at the shoulder so you can hear all your calls then simply push to talk from that position without having to fumble with equipment while you are doing your job.


Another popular accessory is the lightweight headset. It fits over the head with a speaker over one ear and flex mic that can be positioned to pickup your voice even when speaking softly. It’s the sort of headset you might see on the red carpet at an awards show or at a drive-thru restaurant when someone takes your order.


In extremely loud environments noise canceling headsets meet the challenge. These headsets cover both ears and utilize a boom mic to cancel out ambient sound and industrial noise. Noise-canceling headphones are perfect for situations like a factory floor with loud equipment, on a construction site while operating heavy equipment or for grounds crew on the tarmac of an airport. You can’t get the job done if you can’t communicate and noise canceling headsets make sure that you get every call even in the most challenging audio environments.


We also carry accessories for convenience and to maintain a professional look. Stubby antennas are popular with some of our clients. This shorter antenna won’t get in the way and gives the radio a cleaner, less noticeable profile. We should note that the range and coverage with stubby antenna is less than with a conventional antenna, but in a controlled or limited area they may suit your needs. And don’t forget radio holsters. These are especially useful in settings where staff are wearing gowns or formal attire.


Remember, most digital radios are Bluetooth capable so you can link your personal Bluetooth earpiece (i.e. Plantronics) to your radio or you can use one of Motorola’s Bluetooth devices. There are lots of ways to connect and communicate using two-way digital radio accessories.


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