Communicate Hospitality: Two-way radios improve guest satisfaction

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Two-way radios improve guest satisfaction


When it comes to the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction starts with open lines of communication. A powerful and reliable Motorola Mototrbo Two-way radio communication system from SJM Industrial Radios can help you to give your guests a quality experience during their stay. Reliable communication is the best way to ensure a fast response time to all of your guests needs. SJM knows the hospitality industry because we’ve been providing radios for clients like Hilton Hotels and Terranea Resort for over 20 years.

Think of all the services that rely on instant two-way communication. In virtually every department of your hotel or resort, communication plays a major role in creating a welcoming, responsive and efficient operation. Studies show that an effective and reliable communication system can produce an increase in productivity by up to 30%. Every department in your operation can benefit from better communication — front desk, security, room service, housekeeping, engineering, parking — and SJM offers a full line of Motorola communications systems that are scalable to your specific needs. Instant, reliable communication improves productivity and that’s what gives your team the competitive edge in meeting and exceeding guest expectations.

Motorola Mototrbo digital radio systems provide reliable communication with state of the art features that allow you to communicate using voice, text and data. Mototrbo can extend the range of your communication system, reduce background noise, and offer features that provide solutions to the unique challenges your business faces.

Click here to watch a short video on the way the MGM Hotel elevates guest service through unified ptt with WAVE and MOTOTRBO.

A reliable digital two-way communication system provides solutions

  • Digital Two-way radio systems have flexibility and capacity – Radios are effective for any scale hospitality venue. From small motels, to world-class hotels and resorts.
  • Radios provide instant communication – guest satisfaction means being able to speak instantly to anyone on your staff to address a guest request. With radios you get reliable, clear communication.
  • Bluetooth Beacon – identifies the location of anyone indoors on your team carrying a radio. Now you can dispatch the appropriate staff member closest to the situation, reducing wait time and increasing guest satisfaction.
  • Multi-channel system helps maximize communication traffic by giving departments and functions a designated channel. Each department has designated channels that keep their unique user group instantly connected with the rest of their team. A Multi-channel system optimizes the capacity of the bandwidth, manages transmission traffic, and reduces bad transmissions and errors.
  • Radios provide reliable coverage – Motorola Digital Radios are powerful communication tools. They have great range in open spaces, and in environments with concrete, glass and steel buildings, walls, or other obstacles SJM will design a MOTOTRBO Communication system of repeaters and amplifiers that guarantee coverage even in the most challenging environments
  • Text and work ticket systems – As guest requests come in to the front desk staff, they can dispatch the appropriate staff using a work ticket system. When maintenance receives a work ticket to fix a leaking sink they know immediately the location and what the problem is. When they finish the work, using their text capable radio they can add a note to the work ticket and send housekeeping to give the sink area a clean up.
  • Transmit interrupt – this feature overrides all radio traffic for emergency or critical communications.

How to expand your coverage

If you are a large-scale hotel or resort SJM can design a powerful system using Motorola MOTOTRBO technology to provide instant, clear communication across every part of your operation regardless of structural or natural barriers. A seamless system to help you and your team stay on top of all the details that make the guest experience 4-star. Two-way digital radio is the most powerful and reliable choice for instant communication in or around concrete and steel structures, or where geographic barriers divide the event site. All of these barriers can weaken a radio signal. So whether your operation occupies a hi-rise structure with underground parking, or a large resort with multiple structures and amenities like golf courses, tennis courts or swimming pools, over a wide area, talk to one of our communications experts.

  • MOTOTRBO Communication Systems ensures broad coverage in challenging venues using repeaters and amplifiers. It boosts and cleans the signal providing clear and reliable communication across long distances through and around structural and natural barriers.

When you think about guest satisfaction a welcoming environment is where it all begins. When you think about improving your communications, consider how two- way radios can help “communicate hospitality” and what it can mean for your both your guests’ satisfaction, and for your bottom line.

Talk to a communications expert at SJM Industrial Radios to learn more and get a free on-site consultation.

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