Is It Time to Migrate to Digital? Digital Versus Analog Two Way Radios

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Analog two-way radio has been the backbone of two-way radio communications for over a half-century. In recent years, a demand for new features and capabilities that analog technology cannot provide has raised the question for many radio managers of whether it is finally time to begin migrating their systems to digital.  While the “digital versus analog” debate will be argued for years to come, the following posts should provide useful information for anyone asking themselves the question: “Is it time to migrate to digital?

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Vertex Meets Motorola

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The merging of Vertex Standard Technologies and Motorola has been a long time coming. The story begins sometime around January of 2008 when Motorola decided to purchase 5.4 million shares of Vertex Standard making them a shareholder of about 78% of the company’s stake.  Leaving the CEO and president of Vertex Standard with 20% of the company’s shares.

Fast forward to 4 years later in January of 2012 when Jun Hasegawa, the president and CEO of Vertex Standard decided to sell his remaining shares in order to steer away from commercial tier radios and focus more attention on Marine and Air-band businesses. On January 1st 2012, Motorola made the decision to buy out the remaining 20%, making Motorola Solutions the sole owner of Vertex Standard.

The goal for Motorola and Vertex Standard has always been to best serve our customers. This is why as of January 1st of this year (2018) Motorola Solutions has created a new line of Commercial tier radios which will include rebranded Vertex Standard radios. These radios are compatible with our MOTOTRBO line however they are not considered the same tier of radio.

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New Motorola Promotions Q1 2019

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Move up to digital with savings on Team communications solutions. From January 1 through March 31, 2019, you can take advantage of sizeable trade-in discounts on the XPR 7000e radio, the SL7000e radio, the CP200d, and the EVX-261 radio, along with special financing.

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One Of the Biggest Malls In The World Uses MOTOTRBO Radios

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Mall of America (MOA) is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul, it is the biggest mall in the U.S. with 520 stores, 50-plus restaurants and
attractions galore, including the nation’s largest indoor theme park.

Over 40 million visitors pass through its doors each year – almost eight times the population of the entire state of Minnesota. At 96 acres, the size of seven Yankee baseball stadiums, and over 12,000 employees, the scale of MOA presents significant communication challenges. Like many operations with older analog radio systems, MOA was experiencing persistent coverage and frequency issues. Employees were interrupted by interference and loud static blasts over their analog radios. This was particularly annoying for team members who wore earpieces. Certain areas of the massive mall were punctuated by dead zones, forcing employees to walk to another location to communicate on their radios or use personal cell phones.

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Nationwide Walkie Talkie Rentals

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SJM Industrial Radio would like to help you with your next walkie talkie rental. We want to give you one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on your event. Let us worry about the communications and the logistics. Feel free to reach out to our experienced rental team so we can customize a specific communication solution for your event.

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