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The merging of Vertex Standard Technologies and Motorola has been a long time coming. The story begins sometime around January of 2008 when Motorola decided to purchase 5.4 million shares of Vertex Standard making them a shareholder of about 78% of the company’s stake.  Leaving the CEO and president of Vertex Standard with 20% of the company’s shares.

Fast forward to 4 years later in January of 2012 when Jun Hasegawa, the president and CEO of Vertex Standard decided to sell his remaining shares in order to steer away from commercial tier radios and focus more attention on Marine and Air-band businesses. On January 1st 2012, Motorola made the decision to buy out the remaining 20%, making Motorola Solutions the sole owner of Vertex Standard.

The goal for Motorola and Vertex Standard has always been to best serve our customers. This is why as of January 1st of this year (2018) Motorola Solutions has created a new line of Commercial tier radios which will include rebranded Vertex Standard radios. These radios are compatible with our MOTOTRBO line however they are not considered the same tier of radio.

All Vertex Standard radio models will no longer exist under their previous branding. Moving forward they will be included in the repertoire of Motorola Solutions. They will still be easily recognizable by their original part numbers including their VX, EVX and VXR prefix. To best suit, our customer’s growing businesses these radios have full compatibility with a range of radio models. At SJM we will continue to adhere to all warranties and agreements previously agreed to prior to this transition.

Vertex Standard Radios

The following Vertex Standard products will be rebranded as Motorola Solutions and will be joining the Commercial Radio tier (full list here):

Motorola Radios

Commercial Radio’s already put on the market by Motorola Solutions include:

SJM has already implemented these new radios into our Commercial Tier Radio stock and are ready to assist in your buying journey any way we can.  When shopping for two-way radios, remember to consider the needs for each department. This will ensure a tailored solution that works best for you individually and as a whole. Contact your friendly SJM Sales representative to make sure you’ve thought of everything for your two-way radio communication system. Streamlined communications make for a seamless experience for your staff.

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