Radios increase productivity in manufacturing operations

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Radios allow manufacturing operations to stay focused on safety and efficiency, key components in reducing unplanned downtime.

California’s manufacturing sector has found new vitality and it’s presenting new opportunities for product producers. When a market sector like manufacturing is thriving manufacturers need to employ every tool available to gain and keep their competitive advantage. When businesses introduce two-way radio communication into their operations they report up to 30% increases in productivity. SJM Radios can work with you to design a two-way radio communication system scaled to your specific size and operational needs that will help create a safer workplace and a more efficient operation.

Manufacturing represents nearly 11% of California’s economy and accounts for over a million employees…employees that work in tough environments, workplaces that utilize complex, just-in-time systems requiring instant communication between the factory floor, warehouse, key suppliers, and management offices.


Operations that stay focused on safety, and streamlining their internal processes reduce down time and see noticeable increases in productivity, and a decrease in work accidents. Customers will see improved service and reliable, on-time delivery. Two-way radios from SJM can help you make your goals a reality.


A Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two-way communications system, using both voice and data features can address the specific operational challenges of almost any manufacturer.  Features like work ticketing that help streamline work flow processes, GPS and Bluetooth Beacon that give you an accurate location of your workforce both in house and on the road, and transmit interrupt, and others work together to provide solutions to any manufacturing challenge.

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Unplanned down time accounts for up to 40% loss of revenue. The ripple effect of a single unplanned event that disrupts the production flow in one area, can impact activities across the entire operation. Whether the disruption is caused by a workplace injury, malfunctioning equipment, or some other unexpected event all of these situations affect productivity and your bottom line.


Safety is the first line of defense for unplanned down time. A workplace accident can halt production not only at the specific place and time of the incident, but also in ways that aren’t immediately obvious. Workplace injuries cause disruptions due to time off for the injured employee to recover, restrictions on what activities an employee is allowed to perform upon return to the line, or in some cases dealing with permanent re-assignment and re-training. An unsafe workplace has far reaching effects on the well-being of your employees, morale and your operations overall productivity.


Radios and safety

In addition to clear, reliable, instant communication in the most challenging environments, here are a few of the safety features that a Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital system can offer:

  • Transmit interrupt – This feature prioritizes emergency calls and overrides all other radio traffic.
  • Lone worker – When a worker fails to respond to a normal radio communication it could mean that she is injured or unable to communicate. After a set period of time the radio sends an alert so that a supervisor can dispatch help from the nearest location.
  • Bluetooth beacon – Provides the location of every worker in the plant. In the event of an injury, help is dispatched immediately to the exact location of the incident.
  • GPS – Provides the location of every user while on the road for deliveries, installations or other outside service calls. When accidents happen you know where.
  • Clear and reliable communication in loud environments – Noise canceling technology that protects workers’ hearing while providing clear communication.


Radios and efficiency

Unplanned down time is frequently caused by equipment malfunctions, spills, or other disruptions that can cause a domino effect impacting your operation’s output.


Sometimes all it takes to find a work around or a temporary solution that will keep things moving is communication between two or more areas. Knowing where your people are in relation to where the problem has occurred can save time and money. Using the work order ticketing function can dispatch whatever is needed to address the situation immediately. And if the plant manager needs to speak with an engineer who is out of town, or a key supplier who’s running late, with Mototrbo Anywhere, radios can seamlessly connect with any smart phone.


Here are some of the features that will help streamline operations. Some of the same features that enhance workplace safety help you and your workers communicate and reduce or avoid unplanned down time:


  • Work Order Ticketing – When a problem is spotted a work order can be issued immediately reducing response time when problems appear
  • Mototrbo Anywhere – Allows radios to connect with smart phones to talk to anyone anywhere
  • GPS and Bluetooth Beacon provides the location of all workers at all times
  • Transmit interrupt can immediately notify the entire line of critical or time sensitive situations across the production line


Finally, if you have remote operations that are automated that requiring regular monitoring, or automated machinery within your production facility, radios can provide a way to instantly communicate and control production machinery, valve systems, etc. And when something goes wrong, an automated notice is sent so that you can respond and get back on line. The technology is SCADA (Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition). If you think your operation might benefit from this technology, talk to one of our communications professionals.


Two-way radios may not be the first thing manufacturing businesses think about when planning their operations, but for safety, productivity, and reliability the last word in digital two-way radio communications is Motorola.


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