Why Two-Way Radio is a Great Choice for Instant Communication

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At some point in every WWII movie there is a dramatic scene where a soldier gets pinned down by gunfire, grabs his two-way radio and makes a plea for help. Although this may be a corny example, it does illustrate that two-way radio has been the first choice for instant communication by mission-critical organizations for quite some time.

Although military personnel have used radio communication ever since it was introduced back in the 1940’s, Community Emergency Operations and thousands of businesses soon followed. This made two-way radio the “go-to” choice for anyone seeking a robust communication system for over 60 years.

In fact, two-way radio is considered mission-critical for business and public safety officials, now more than ever. One reason is that two-way radio has high-operational efficiency in emergency situations. Whereas other communication systems, like cell phone networks, often become overloaded leaving users unable to connect.

Another reason why two-way radio is so popular is that it provides the ability to easily connect instantly to one person for a private conversation, or to many people simultaneously for a group conversation without having to go through awkward set up commands and operations.

The Transformation of Two-Way Radio
As more users migrate from analog to digital systems, the possibilities of two-way radio seem endless:

  • Digital systems deliver improved audio quality with better intelligibility because of digital error correction.
  • Digital systems use less bandwidth which allows for increased capacity.
  • Digital systems are more resistant to interference and static which allows for greater coverage.
  • Digital systems provide new data features such as Text Messaging, GPS and Work Tickets.

Easy Flow of Communication in the Workplace

Digital technology allows busy workers in the field to get the information they need promptly. To maintain maximum efficiency in fast-pace operations, the flow of information needs to be straightforward with direct commands to personnel, such as “Go there”, “Do this” and “Come quickly.”

Data solutions make the process of relaying command information easier, faster and more concise. As we mentioned earlier, today’s digital two way radio systems offer Text Messaging, GPS and Work Ticket Apps to meet today’s business needs.

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