Year End Budgets and Two-Way Radios

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Two-way radios save time and money every day. An investment in your communications system now brings benefits throughout the New Year.

If you have a surplus in this year’s budget one of the best places to invest is in your two-way radio fleet. Your two-way radios system is an essential part of your communication infrastructure. The value of clear, instant communication can’t be overstated because if you can’t communicate you can’t get the job done.

SJM Radio has lots of sweet year-end deals that are like gifts that keep on giving. This is a great time to upgrade your radios, perform maintenance and repair or replace worn or outdated accessories and batteries. SJM Radio has a sleigh full of great year-end promos to help you stretch your year-end budget dollars. Yes, dear friends, there really is a Santa Claus!




  • Replace your batteries

Over time batteries wear out. Take advantage of our Buy Five Batteries Get One Free offer and replace dead batteries or batteries that aren’t reliably holding a full charge anymore. Replace your problem batteries or add supplemental batteries now to ensure that you’ll always have enough fully charged batteries on hand. Remember you should have 30% more back-up batteries than radios on hand. (100 radios = 130 batteries)


  • Upgrade your radios

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to newer model radios or from analog to digital, right now SJM Radio has great trade in offers on several of our most popular Motorola radios like the ones below.


  • Motorola XPR 7000e series
    Save $1,350.00 when you buy 10 XPR 7000e Series radios and trade in 10 qualifying units. XPR 7000 series digital radios are state of the art two-way communication. Features like work ticket programs, text capable, GPS enabled save time and money


  • Motorola CP200d
    Save $400.00 when you buy 10 CP200d Series radios and trade in 10 qualifying units. The Motorola CP200d is a rugged and streamline digital two-way radio.


  • Powerful Financing Options (on approved credit)
    We know how important financing is to you and we want to help you overcome your budget concerns. Take advantage of our special financing offer of 0% financing for 12 months or 5.48% financing for 60 months.


  • $50 off any radio repairs

If your current radios need maintenance, with $50 off all radio repairs, now’s the time to get the job done. Whether your radios require specific repairs or just regular maintenance call SJM Radio today. We’ll make the repairs and get them back to you in perfect working order.


  • Purchase an Annual Maintenance Agreement – Get two months free

Radio repairs and maintenance can be expensive and an SJM Radio Annual Maintenance Agreement may be a sensible solution for your business.  For a standard monthly fee all repairs, all parts, all labor, shipping and even loaner equipment is included. From now until the end of the year, when you buy a one-year service agreement we’ll give you two months absolutely free.


  • Save 20% on accessories

Two-wire surveillance kits, speaker mics, traditional headsets and noise canceling headphones ensure every transmission can be heard clearly no matter how challenging the environment. Do you need single charging stations for certain staff? Buy them today and get 20% off. How about stubby antennas for some of your radios? They give your radio a more discreet look and they’re 20% off too. Holsters, six-bay chargers,


  • Free Planning Consultation

Let an SJM Radio Communications Expert help you plan your 2020 Communications Budget. We’ll do a site visit, survey your system, make recommendations and cost out any maintenance or upgrades you may need in the coming year.


There’s a lot going on at the end of the year…and though it’s been said many times, many ways…radios don’t cost, they save! We appreciate your business throughout the year and hope these limited-time, holiday deals help your business have a prosperous New Year.  Call SJM today!


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